Tribute to RC

Though I was never blessed to meet RC, I see the impact that he has made in this world. Through RC's story, God allowed me to meet some of the finest people you will ever find. We all live in this world to make an impact. RC invested the time God gave him by loving and serving people, demonstrating the love Jesus wants us to share with one another. When RC went home to the LORD, it tested our faith... pushing us to the limits to decide whether GOD and His promise of heaven is true.  We joyfully say today, from the valley of the shadow of death, that Jesus's love and sacrifice is a priceless gift to be opened and received by faith. Jesus paid the price for our sins and restored our relationship with God to anyone who will bow his heart and confess his need. RC knew this saving love. He  is alive and we'll see him again, because Jesus lives and heaven is real. Life is not always easy. But God is eternally good. <w

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