52 Reasons Why

  • I have a reason to keep fighting!
  • I’m not giving into my brain!
  • This has changed my life, totally!
  • I’m back mom! I’m really back!
  • I feel alive like the world is brighter
  • Surgery was worth it just to feel this feeling here at the ranch
  • I feel calm for the first time since surgery
  • My brain was calm enough to think
  • I feel peace
  • I can focus
  • My anxiety went away.
  • I didn’t feel like people were talking about me
  • I felt happy
  • I wasn’t worrying all the time
  • I was treated with respect.
  • Jeff, Logan, Danny, Carla, Keith and Douglas made me feel like I mattered.
  • I have something to look forward to
  • I could be me
  • I found my purpose mom. I am meant to live like this and help others
  • Everyone wanted to see me succeed
  • They want everyone to succeed
  • The other hunters wanted each other to succeed
  • Everything and everyone were positive
  • They liked me
  • They taught me
  • Jeff, Logan and Keith let me work with them
  • I helped build Logan’s house with a concreate floor
  • They put me to work and I loved it.
  • They spent time with me when they didn’t have to
  • They wouldn’t let me tip them no matter how much I wanted to. It wasn’t about the money it was about my experience.
  • I don’t have a family or anyone but you mom. They treated me as if I was a part of their family
  • Douglas gave me his card and said, he wanted to come hunt with me when I returned
  • It felt good to wear grandpas NRA hat. I felt he was here.
  • I’ll do manual labor to go back
  • I want to work here when I’m older
  • They are religious like you but didn’t push it on me or lay hands on me
  • I wasn’t talked down to because I am a kid
  • No one looked at me like I was sick
  • No one treated me different because I am sick
  • I didn’t have to hide my medication just be discrete
  • It was cool everyone sat around at meal time
  • The food was awesome.
  • I felt a part of a family
  • I never expected to feel this way
  • I can’t believe Danny and Carla gave me a membership to comeback. Can we go next week?
  • They gave me a rifle. Mom, they gave me a rifle! I can go back competing again when we are home and bring it with me when we go back. Can we go next week? Mom, can we?
  • I loved the animals outside the porch. The cows and animals in the yard were cool
  • I felt at home. I was home.
  • Can you believe the hunters names were Art like grandpa and Kim’s son wore a shirt saying Jones?
  • Keith really impacted me. He’s a real cowboy. He gets it. I liked when he said, you gatta lump on your noggin too.  What are the chances he had a brain tumor too?
  • I got a Trophy Hog mom! I killed it, skinned it, gut it, cut it, packaged it, shared it with others and ate it. How cool!
  • I am very grateful mom.

Why Did They Do All This For Me?

I said, “because God placed it in their hearts to change your life with love and kindness. That son is what we call God’s grace. In order to receive grace, one must believe in Christ as you do and be open to receive grace. Allowing the divine to touch your heart. You are deserving of God’s love and grace. Sometimes God shows up in a way for only us to see or hear him. This was the place and the people God put in your path for you to feel Gods presence. Be strong son and live. Truly live now. Fight instead of survive. Feel instead of being run by emotion. Hold on and don’t ever let go to hope. It’s this time that God reminded you and gave you a moment to turn left in your life instead of right. The fork in the road. He has let you know you have a place in this world, and you can and will be happy again. That this was the first step to the rest of your life. That God is the way and the Life if we allow him to be in charge of it.”

Thank you for impacting my son’s life. He was tired and broken from his suffering. Little did he know what God had in store for him. Medication could only take him so far. The fight must come from within. Meeting you, Jeff, Logan, Vicki, Keith, Kim and Douglas touched him so deeply, he is renewed. It’s about family even if it’s someone else’s. It’s about new friends, it’s about nature and feeling Gods presence. It was by far the greatest gift as a mother I have ever received. Simply watching my son smile. Something his brain tumor had almost taken completely away.

Enjoy the pictures and please post if you like. I am trying to figure out how to do this and need a friends help with Facebook. I’ll write comments and post pix I hope this week when I get a little help to do so. All I ask is that you use our initials instead of our names for reasons I expressed.

Thank you so much!
A very grateful mother
Mom and my hero son

Through Christ all things ae possible


Okeechobee Outfitters
Attention: Danny, Carla, Jeff, Logan, Keith, Vicki and Kim

Dear Danny & Carla,
The greatest gift my son has received in two years was the gift of life found through your generosity and the many experiences you, Jeff, Logan, Keith, Kim and hunters like Douglas created. Sometimes, when we listen, we truly see the impact we have on another. I’ll share with you his words and experiences at your ranch. His excitement and optimism were contagious.

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