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All packages Include:
Lodging, Meals, 1 Meat Hog, Semi Guided Hunt, Cleaning-Skinning of Animal, Varmint Hunting.

1 night / 1 day / 1 Meat Hog All varmints (1 Hunter) ..... $475

2 nights / 2 days / 1 Meat Hog-All varmints (1 Hunter) ..... $775

3 nights / 3 days / 1 Meat Hog All Varmints (1 Hunter)......$875

Additional meat hogs......$125 each

Additional cost for trophy hogs on a 1, 2, and 3 night package......$275.00 each

Please note: Any boar hog with 1 1/2 in of tusk outside the gum lines is considered a trophy hog. .


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Florida Wild Hog Damage to Environment

There are three different types of Florida’s wild hogs they are free-ranging swine, wild boar, and hybrids of the Florida free range hogs and domestic hog. Wild hogs in Florida are referred to as feral hogs. Wild hogs found in Florida are basically the same.

Why Are Wild Hogs so Dangerous to Florida Environment?

Florida wild hogs eat whatever is available vegetation, fruits, fungi, and a variety of worms, insects, crustaceans, snails and animals like fish, small birds, mammals, snakes, toads, frogs, and other animals. Wild boars may also feast upon a dead animal if it is available. Florida Wild hogs eat more plant than animal material, and that is where the problem comes in. Wild hos and wild boars can destroy a plantation of peanuts, rice, sorghum, melons, forage grasses, corn, grains, vegetables, and orange trees orchards. Wild hogs will destroy food plots by rooting, digging up young tender roots and destroying the plant.

Florida wild hogs can feed over 450–750 acres; they may travel longer distances if food is limited. When temperatures drop wild hogs tend to seek out food both night and day.

Florida Wild Boar Hunting

Florida wild hog hunting is an important way to control wild hogs it helps in keeping to wild hog population down by the hunting of adult wild boars and sows. Florida wild hog hunting is not that easy when done by fair chase. Wild hogs are smart and it can be quite the opportunity to pit wild hog against wild hog hunter. Wild boar hunters seek large boars tusks, which make great taxidermy mounts. Wild hogs are hunted by various methods. Some wild hog hunters use rifles, shotguns, bow and arrows, knifes and spears. Baited stands, swamp buggy, stalking and hunting dogs do some wild boar hunting.

Wild Hogs-In the Beginning there was Pig
Wild hogs or wild boar, can be also called wild pigs they are not originally found in this part of the world. Hogs came here to the United States via the early settlers. They were primarily raised for stock feeding the settlers and explorers. Then settlers brought in the Eurasian wild boar to be used for hunting purposes introducing them to different parts of the country. As one could imagine domestic hogs and Eurasian hogs would get loose and interbreeding would occur. With this interbreeding we now have hybrid wild hogs of today. These larger populations are mainly in southeastern states and California with Washington having a hot spot. You can find wild pigs just about everywhere but these are the primary wild hog areas.

When the early settlers brought domestic pigs into this area the raising of stock was done by free range. Naturally some of these hogs would escape and become thus have litters of wild hogs when bred. When the Eurasian hog was introduced to the US for hunting these hunting preserves would occasionally have escapees. When these Eurasian hogs that escaped met up with the domestic hogs that escaped the result is hybrid wild hog we now have that renders havoc on our agricultural lands.

How Wild Hogs Damage Agriculture and other animals if not controlled.
To repeat a bit damage to agricultural areas is nothing new from wild hogs. States not prohibit free-range hog practices. The damage they cause is very great when. Hogs are an important food source but not at the cost and havoc the cause to the environment. We know that wild pigs run about damaging crops and forests. Damaging crops the eating they, uprooting plants and plant roots, creating ruts for farm equipment. Is to name a few ways wild hogs impact. In the forest the wild hogs love acorns, hickory nuts, beechnuts and other sources of nuts. When wild boars are heavily populated in these areas they eat up seedlings before they are able to grow into producing adult trees. Wild hogs also endanger the balance of animal life in areas. They eat eggs of animals that nest on the ground as well as lizards, turtles, frogs, crabs, and snakes. Sometimes wild hogs will eat a newborn whitetail deer in young enough.

Dealing with Wild Hog Problem with Hunting.
 Wild Hogs continue to grow if not put into check by good hunting practices. Outfitters like Okeechobee Outfitters have a humane and ethical approach to hunting. Using the best hog hunting practices and knowledge to guide a wild boar hunter to a successful wild boar hunt.  Numbers in Florida are very high as elsewhere in southeastern US. However, Okeechobee Outfitters commitment to this hog hunting approach has made them leaders in the hog hunting outfitting business.

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 Florida Wild Boar Hunting, Florida Wild Hog Hunting, Russian Boar Hunting

If you have never experience the excitement of a Florida wild boar hunting, Russian boar hunt or Florida wild hog hunting , come and enjoy a stay at Okeechobee Outfitters.  Wild hog hunting central Florida you will experience one of the most adrenaline filled wild hog hunts one can go on.  We are able to serve from our location in Florida south Florida residents, central Florida residents and north Florida residents. This Florida hog hunt can be with rifles, pistols, archery or spears. Swampy buggy and dogs are used for you hunt depending on hog hunting package.





1 Meat Hog.....$225

1 Trophy Hog.....$375

Night Time hunts with infra red equipment is an additional charge on top of your package price......$125

Additional meat hogs
$125 each

Additional cost for trophy hogs
Night Time Infra Hunt ONLY
Includes Guide, Lodging and Meals does not include hog.....$250 plus

Meat Hog .........$225
Trophy Hog .....$375
Additional meat hogs.....$125 each

Additional cost for trophy hogs.....$275.00